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Sir Andrew Judde founded the school in 1553, with the specific purpose of educating 50 poor scholars. Our mission is to maintain his legacy and ensure that Tonbridge offers the best educational experience we possibly can for current and future generations of Tonbridgians – and to make that as widely accessible as we possibly can.
Through landmark gifts from individual donors and regular donations from our parents, OTs and friends of the School, we have been able to make an incredible difference. In 2012, we launched the Excellence for All campaign to develop the biggest transformation of the School campus since the Victorian era. In 2018, this work was  completed at a final investment of £35 million, having raised over £9.5 million for projects including Old Big School Gallery, the Smythe Library and Learning Centre, and the Barton Science Centre, as well as enabling us to provide more Foundation Award places.
Fundraising Target
Our next, ambitious target, is to increase the number of boys at the School receiving significant financial
support. We have made huge strides to widen access over the last fifteen years and to share our skills and resources more broadly in our local community. As a result, we currently provide financial support as Foundation Awards to 66 boys in the school at any time, and aim to double the number to 100 Foundation Award recipients.

What your gifts funded


Transforming the Campus
Broadening the Curriculum
Widening Access
Joe Payne

The Foundation Award has given me the tools to continually achieve and develop.

Daniel Power

I would like to thank all those who gifted me the opportunity to go to Tonbridge.

Josh Cronin

I think that this level of varied education should be available to everyone.

Adam Walton

A Tonbridge education was perhaps the greatest gift I have yet received.


Tonbridge School is registered with the Fundraising Regulator, the independent regulator of charitable fundraising.

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Every gift, whether large or small, makes a difference and helps us maintain excellence for future generations.

Widening Access

A great education can transform a boy’s life, and we hope that in return, it will enable him to transform the lives of others