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The 1553 Society

Celebrating the Power of Regular Giving 

The 1553 Society is our regular giving club for all Old Tonbridgians, parents and friends of the school. It is a way to grow the collective efforts of our Tonbridge community in support of the school without relying on large individual donations. The emphasis is on maximising the number of regular donors, irrespective of their individual contributions, relying on the laws of large numbers to deliver a significant recurring value of support.

We are enormously grateful for the support of all those who have given a one-off gift or pledged to give on a regular basis. It does not matter how small or large, every gift makes a difference and brings us closer to achieving Excellence for All.

Why Support Tonbridge School? 

All donations will help us to deliver an education of unsurpassed depth and breadth and to allow boys with talent and promise, but limited financial means, the opportunity to come to Tonbridge.

Since its foundation, the school has relied upon philanthropy; Sir Andrew Judde founded the school in 1553, with the specific purpose of educating fifty poor scholars. An integral part of his vision was to provide access to education for those who would benefit most, irrespective of their financial background. The donations received in the past have made the school what it is today. We are carrying on the tradition, fundraising to benefit Tonbridgians of the future.  

Joining the 1553 Society

The 1553 Society recognises those who support Tonbridge with a regular annual, quarterly or monthly gift. All members will be part of an important network of like-minded individuals and will be invited to the Headmaster’s Annual Drinks Reception as well as being recognised in the Impact Report.

Set up a Regular Gift 

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Set up a Regular Gift

 Every gift, whether large or small, makes a difference and helps us maintain excellence for future generations.

Contact us

For information about joining the 1553 Society or directing your support, please contact:

Yvette Young
Development & Operations Manager



Join us

If 15% of parents and OTs gave £15.53 a month for 5 years we could raise over £1m for Tonbridge. Join over 400 supporters who give regularly.